Parklife Weekender festival 2014 - Day 2

I got involved with photography when I took my first photos at a jazz concert in my home town Ljubljana, Slovenia and I've been hooked ever since.

A photographer observes a subject and freezes it in a moment in time, in what the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson called the “decisive moment”. The anticipation of that moment is what I find so exciting about photography; whether it's dramatic composition, a great facial expression or an unguarded moment that catches artists at their most intriguing. Without any control over my subject matter I find it an additional challenge to still capture the artists in the right setting, in the right light, in the right pose.

What people say about my work:

In an age when everyone with a digital camera thinks they are a rock photographer Katja Ogrin is the real deal. She has an eye for detail, a rare sense of composition and essential patience that proves that while the bar to being a photographer of live music has never been lower, the art of doing it excellently requires skills that still elude most... but not her. If anyone doubts her ability they should just look on our site at her shots of Laibach at the Tate Modern (photographs that ended up being used as artwork by the group for a Mute Records release); Stockhausen's Mittwoch Aus Licht and festivals such as Supersonic and Bloodstock. She's a great phtographer and we're always really pleased when she agrees to shoot stuff for us.
John Doran, The Quietus

Katja has worked with us over the course of many our projects – from large scale productions with an audience of thousands such as The Voyage, to smaller, more intimate pieces . Whatever the nature of the production, Katja's work is always dynamic, bold, engaging and captures wonderfully the mood of a moment, be that from the audiences standpoint or the perspective of the performers. The Images she has provided us with up to now, are seen by promotors and fans all around the world and we feel they represent Motionhouse's work to everyone who sees them, beautifully.
Lara Coffey, Motionhouse

Katja has consistently produced high quality photography for Capsule events, working on live shows, exhibitions and festivals. From documentation of events, live performance shoots and portrait projects to co-ordination of the photography at our annual Supersonic Festival, Katja always delivers excellent work with a professional approach. Katja's passion and investment in her subjects guarantees beautiful photographs every time.
Lisa Meyer, Capsule

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